Sala interna
cooking is like art – and, like art, it requires patience!
cooking is like art – and, like art, it requires patience!
Sala interna
cooking is like art – and, like art, it requires patience!
Sala interna
cooking is like art – and, like art, it requires patience!
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Our Philosophy

We like to think that clients entering our trattoria have already heard of our dishes: the truffles we serve year-round, our Belon oysters and Sicilian prawns, our roasted suckling pig.

We devote great care to our cuisine, offering the best ingredients and ensuring all-natural products. Plus, we add a special something to each and every recipe, making them unique albeit simple and genuine.

Cooking is like art – and, like art, it requires patience… This is our motto.

Pasta al Tartufo - Santa Giulia Trattoria - Brescia
Al Santa Giulia Trattoria - Brescia

Al Santa Giulia

Established in 1989 and originally located on via Amba d’Oro in Brescia, Al Santa Giulia Trattoria carries on its tradition in the new venue on via Corsica 74, still in Brescia.

You’ll be greeted at the entrance, with its original copper bar, and accompanied into the actual restaurant with its quaint, intimate ambience and variety of objects. The room leads onto the outer courtyard with garden, where you can dine al fresco during the summer, or to the old arcade for some shade.

The restaurant’s pleasant, familiar ambience will make you feel right at home. And our goal is to share this warmth with our clients, bringing together good food and relaxation.

Our Specialties

Our cuisine is based on all-natural, fresh and high-quality ingredients.

Thus, we prefer not to pre-cook our dishes, so as to offer tasty, natural options preserving the authentic flavours and properties of the food. There are, of course, some exceptions: for example, one of our specialties – our roasted suckling pig – is a typical example of slow cooking.

Speaking of our products, we pay special attention to quality and are careful to select only suppliers who ensure fresh, genuine ingredients. Thus, our trattoria can offer seasonal Tartufo (truffles) all year round: from Bianco d’Alba to Bianchetto (white truffles), from Nero pregiato di Norcia to Uncinato and Scorzone (black truffles).

Tartare - Santa Giulia Trattoria - Brescia
Asporto - Santa Giulia Trattoria - Brescia


Our dishes come to you… literally!

You might be imagining the usual aluminium or plastic containers, but Al Santa Giulia’s takeaway service is something else altogether. Our dishes are placed and decorated in individual plates and sealed so as to be ready for your table.

All you have to do is return our dishes – no need even to wash up! – and we’ll take care of the rest.

Depending on your requirements and number of fellow guests, different supply and delivery options for your desired meals can also be agreed upon.

Summer Area

We’ve set up a summer area in our cool, lush garden for you to enjoy al fresco dining in the warmer months.